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Class GlobusUnitReporter

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                Reporter.Reporter --+    
SimpleUnitReporter.SimpleUnitReporter --+

GlobusUnitReporter - Convenience module for creating simple unit reporters that submit a test via globus:

 from inca.GlobusUnitReporter import GlobusUnitReporter
 reporter = GlobusUnitReporter(
   name = 'Reporter Name',
   version = 0.1,
   description = 'A really helpful reporter description',
   url = ''
   unit_name = 'What this reporter tests'

This module is a subclass of SimpleUnitReporter that provides convenience methods for submitting a unit test via globus.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, **attributes)
Class constructor that returns a new GlobusUnitReporter object.
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submitCSource(self, **attrs)
Submit a small C program to execute via a local GRAM.
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submitJob(self, **attrs)
Submit a job to execute a command via Globus.
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Inherited from SimpleUnitReporter.SimpleUnitReporter: getUnitName, reportBody, setUnitName, unitFailure, unitSuccess

Inherited from Reporter.Reporter: __del__, addArg, addDependency, argValue, argValues, compiledProgramOutput, compiledProgramStatusOutput, failPrintAndExit, getBody, getCompleted, getCwd, getDescription, getFailMessage, getName, getUrl, getVersion, log, loggedCommandOutput, loggedCommandStatusOutput, printReport, processArgv, report, setBody, setCompleted, setCwd, setDescription, setFailMessage, setName, setResult, setUrl, setVersion, tempFile, xmlElement

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, **attributes)

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Class constructor that returns a new GlobusUnitReporter object. See SimpleUnitReporter for parameters.

Overrides: Reporter.Reporter.__init__

submitCSource(self, **attrs)

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Submit a small C program to execute via a local GRAM. In addition to the parameters recognized by submitJob, the required attrs['code'] specifies the source to compile.

submitJob(self, **attrs)

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Submit a job to execute a command via Globus. Recognized parameters:

   arguments to pass to executable; default ''

   poll job for completion every this many seconds; default 30

   remove temporary files after run; default true

   number of hosts to use; default 1

   log the submision command and the result with -dumprsl; default false

   add (resourceManagerContact=xx) to rsl; default false

   the program to run; required

   environment variable to set; default ''

   host where run takes place; default localhost

   execute as an MPI program; default false

   name of batch queue to submit job to; default none

   executable is already on the jobmanager resource; default true

   the Globus service to invoke; default to Globus default

   kill the job and report an error after this many seconds; default
   3600 (1 hr)