Enables consistent user-level testing across resources

Runs under a standard user account and executes tests using a standard GSI credential. Ensures consistent testing across resources with centralized test configuration.

Easy to configure and maintain

Manages and collects a large number of results through a GUI interface (incat). Measures resource usage of tests and benchmarks to help Inca administrators balance data freshness with system impact.

Easy to collect data from resources

Data is collected by reporters, executables that measure some aspect of the system and output the result as XML. Multiple types of data can be collected. Perl APIs are provided to make it easy to write reporters; most are less than 30 lines of code.

Large variety of tests

Inca offers a number of prewritten test scripts, called reporters, for monitoring cyberinfrastructure health. Reporter APIs make it easy to create new Inca tests.

Archived results support troubleshooting

Furthers understanding of cyberinfrastructure behavior by storing and archiving complete monitoring results. Allows system administrators to debug detected failures using archived execution details.

Comprehensive views of data

Offers a variety of cyberinfrastructure data views from cumulative summaries to reporter execution details and result histories.


Inca components communicate using SSL. Securely manages short-term proxies for cyberinfrastructure service testing.

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For more information about Inca, please visit our documentation page.

Inca is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).