The Inca software is released under a BSD license. Please visit the contact page to submit feedback, questions or problems related to Inca software.

Each of the releases below has the improvements indicated in its change log in addition to all of the features of the previous release. To upgrade from an older release, please follow the upgrade notes from the release after it.

The software below includes all of the Inca components - the client, server, data consumers, and reporters.

Version Release Date Related Documents
2.5 Aug-21-09
2.4 Jul-3-08
2.3 Feb-11-08
2.2 Oct-31-07
2.1 Jul-31-07
2.03 Jun-15-07
2.02 May-31-07
2.01 Mar-23-07
2.0 Feb-2-07
2.0 beta Oct-31-06