Class DowntimeFilter

  extended by edu.sdsc.inca.depot.util.ReportFilter
      extended by edu.sdsc.inca.depot.util.DowntimeFilter

public class DowntimeFilter
extends ReportFilter

Prefixes error messages in depot reports with "DOWNTIME: +optionalString+: " if the resource the report ran on is in downtime. Resources are determined to be in downtime if they are listed in a downtime properties file. In order to reduce overhead, the downtime properties file is retrieved and cached at a refresh interval in the getDowntimes() method instead of being retrieved for each filter instance.

Kate Ericson <>, Shava Smallen <>

Field Summary
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context, resource, stderr, stdout, sysusage
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getStdout()
          Writes new report with modified error message to depot if resource is down
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Constructor Detail


public DowntimeFilter()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getStdout()
Writes new report with modified error message to depot if resource is down

getStdout in class ReportFilter
string with depot report (reporter Stdout)