9. Web Services

In oder to enable customized data consumers as described in Section 7 that utilize the Web Services API, you will need to install the Inca web services component, incaws.

% wget http://inca.sdsc.edu/releases/2.6/incaInstall.sh
% sh incaInstall.sh $INCA_DIST incaws

The results should look similar to:

Retrieving http://inca.sdsc.edu/releases/latest/Inca-WS.tar.gz
--12:59:23--  http://inca.sdsc.edu/releases/latest/Inca-WS.tar.gz
           => `Inca-WS.tar.gz'
Resolving inca.sdsc.edu...
Connecting to inca.sdsc.edu||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1,226,347 (1.2M) [application/x-tar]

100%[====================================>] 1,226,347     --.--K/s             

12:59:23 (81.68 MB/s) - `Inca-WS.tar.gz' saved [1226347/1226347]

Unpacking http://inca.sdsc.edu/releases/latest/Inca-WS.tar.gz
Will install Inca prerequisite Net::SSLeay
Will install Inca prerequisite IO::Socket::SSL
Will install Inca prerequisite Expat
Will install Inca prerequisite LWP::UserAgent
Will install Inca prerequisite MIME::Base64
Will install Inca prerequisite SOAP::Lite
Writing Makefile.perl.inc for Inca-WS
Inca-WS installed

To start incaws, specify the port, credentials, and hostname/port for the Inca agent and depot as below. Replace "origHost", "agentHost" and "depotHost" with the correct names for your installation.

% ./bin/inca incaws \
 --auth=yes \
 --cert=etc/agentcert.pem \
 --key=etc/agentkey.pem \
 --trusted=etc/trusted/origHostcert.pem \
 --port=8001 \
 --password=yes \
 depotHost:6324 \
enter password (no prompt displayed)

Check to make sure the incaws is running on port 8001 (error logs are in $INCA_DIST/var):

% netstat -an | grep 8001
tcp4       0      0  *.8001                 *.*                    LISTEN

Please see Section 7.2.2 for documentation and examples of how to use the Inca Web Services API.