Package edu.sdsc.inca.util

Class Summary
CachedProperties Creates cached Properties fetched according to refreshMins.
ConfigProperties This is an extension of the standard Properties class that can generate elements by command-line parsing and by stripping prefixes from the elements of Properties objects--both useful in generating configuration values.
Constants Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
CronSchedule A class that represents a cron schedule: an event schedule that allows for execution based on some combination of minute, hour, day of month, month, and day of week.
CronScheduleTest Basic tests to check for CronSchedule functionality.
Crypter The Crypter class provides the ability to de/encrypt strings.
ExpandablePattern A pattern (regular expression) that can return the set of strings it matches.
ExpandablePatternTest A JUnit for the ExpandablePattern class.
ExprEvaluator A simple top-down boolean expression evaluator.
ResourcesWrapper A convenience class for dealing with resource configuration files which provides methods for accessing the content.
ResourcesWrapperTest A tester class for ResourcesWrapper.
StringMethods A class of useful static utility methods that really don't fit elsewhere.
SuiteStagesWrapper Convenience object for accessing suite stages documents and persisting changes to them.
SuiteStagesWrapperTest Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SuiteWrapper Convenience object for accessing suite documents and persisting changes to them.
SuiteWrapperTest Tests the SuiteWrapper class
WorkQueueTest Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
XmlWrapper We provide a set of Wrapper classes which provide convenience methods for dealing with XML Bean classes generated from our Inca XML schemas.
XmlWrapperTest Test XMLWrapper abstract class functions

Exception Summary
CrypterException Indicates that some configuration problem has occured within Inca.
SuiteModificationException Exception for applying changes to suites.