Package edu.sdsc.inca.agent

Class Summary
AccessMethod An abstract class used to represent methods for transferring files and running processes on resources.
AccessMethodOutput Small class which encapsulates stderr and stdout (since we can only return one value from a function).
ReporterManagerController Manages a reporter manager instance on a remote machine.
ReporterManagerControllerTest Tests for ReporterManagerController (and ReporterManagerStarter).
ReporterManagerControllerTest.MockAgent Emulates the agent's tasks
ReporterManagerProxy Class for managing Grid proxy credentials.
ReporterManagerStarter Handles the creation of a remote reporter manager process on a specified resource.
ReporterManagerTable Convenience class for storing and tracking reporter managers.
RepositoryCache The Agent will cache packages (reporter or library) locally when a suite uses them and send them to the reporter managers.
RepositoryCacheTest Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SuiteTable Stores the suites currently stored at the reporter agent and provides methods for accessing them.
SuiteTableTest Test suite table

Exception Summary
AccessMethodException Since each access method will raise exceptions specific to that access method, this class provides a way to encapsulate those errors so that calling code can separate out remote failures w/o using the very general Exception class.
ReporterManagerException Exception for reporting problems with a remote reporter manager.