Tag weeklyAveragesGraph

Print a horizontal bar graph of the average series pass rate for the most recent week, the week before that, and the difference between them

Tag Information
Tag ClassNone
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentscriptless
Display NameweeklyAveragesGraph

bgcolorfalsefalsejava.lang.Stringa hex value for for the graph background color
doctruefalsejava.lang.Objecta parsed xml document
filterResourcefalsefalsejava.lang.Stringspecify if resource averages (using value 'true') or a specific resource average is desired
filterSuitefalsefalsejava.lang.Stringspecify if suite averages (using value 'true') or a specific suite average is desired
minHeightfalsefalsejava.lang.Integerthe minimum minHeight to use for the graph
minWidthfalsefalsejava.lang.Integerthe minimum width to use for the graph
titletruefalsejava.lang.Stringa title for the graph
xaxisLabeltruefalsejava.lang.Stringa label for the yaxis

averagesjava.lang.ObjecttrueNESTEDNo Description
beginDatejava.lang.StringtrueNESTEDNo Description
endDatejava.lang.StringtrueNESTEDNo Description
guidjava.lang.StringtrueNESTEDNo Description
passjava.lang.StringtrueNESTEDNo Description
resourcejava.lang.StringtrueNESTEDNo Description
suitejava.lang.StringtrueNESTEDNo Description

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