Tag timeSeries

Create a TimeSeriesCollection using the xpath values from the XML document

Tag Information
Tag ClassNone
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentempty
Display NametimeSeries

labelfalsefalsejava.lang.StringA label for the time series
linkXpathtruefalsejava.lang.Stringa relative xpath to use for the link
timestampXpathtruefalsejava.lang.Stringa realtive xpath to use for the timestamp
tooltipXpathtruefalsejava.lang.Stringa relative xpath to use for the tooltip
valueXpathtruefalsejava.lang.Stringa relative xpath to use for the value
vartruetruejava.lang.Stringname of the exported scoped variable to hold the TimeSeriesCollection object
xpathtruefalsejava.lang.Stringabsolute xpath to datapoint
xmltruefalsejava.lang.Stringstring containing xml exit status values will be extracted from

No Variables Defined.

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