Package edu.sdsc.inca.consumer

Class Summary
AgentBean Special bean that periodically queries and caches the current Inca configuration stored on the agent.
All2AllBean Jsp bean that will query the given depot bean for the specified latest suite instances containing all-to-all tests and will return a summary.
All2AllBeanTest Tester for All2AllBean
BarItemLabelColorRenderer A bar item label renderer class that changes the color of the label based the difference in values between bars.
CategoryBean Extension of DefaultCategoryDataset class that can be used in Cewolf and supports mouseovers and links.
DepotBean Manages a list of stored (persistent) depot queries, some of which are longer queries that are cached to disk so that results can be prefetched.
DepotBeanTest Test the class used to store queries.
DepotQuery Handles the prefetching and caching of HQL queries to the depot.
DepotQueryTest Tests the DepotQuery class.
DiffCategoryItemLabelGenerator Display the difference in category row values as an item label.
DistributionBean A dataset producer for graphing distribution data based on an xpath values in a xml document.
SeriesHistoryBean Retrieve the history of one or more series and return the values as an xml document.
TimeSeriesBean A dataset producer for graphing time series data based on an xpath values in a xml document.
Util Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
WebappInit Thread that waits for the configuration params to be set in the context and then initializes the inca webapp.
WebappListener Created by IntelliJ IDEA.

Enum Summary