inca-run-now - Invoke one or more Inca reporter series manually


inca-run-now [options] <pattern>...


Allows a system administrator to invoke one or more reporter series manually (rather than waiting for a reporter series' regularly scheduled time of execution). This is useful for debugging purposes when you want to see the result of a test immediately. The arguments can be either the nickname of a particular reporter series, a pattern to match one or more reporter series' nicknames, or a suite name. In the case that a pattern matches both a series nickname and a suite, the pattern will be assumed to match the nickname. Use the -suite flat to force the script to recognize it as a suite pattern.



A string containing the URI to the agent that can be contacted for proxy information: inca[s]://<host>:<port> [default: none]


A path to a valid certificate file [default: none]


A string containing the URI of the Inca depot server to send the results to: inca[s]://<host>:<port> [default: none]


The resource identifier supplied by the reporter agent that the reporter manager will use to identify itself back to the reporter agent.


A path to a valid key file [default: none]


A string containing the log message level (i.e., print statements of this level and higher). [default: INFO]


List the series nicknames that would be executed but do not run them.


A string containing the path to the local cache of reporters.

Read a passphrase for key from stdin


Path to filename containing the current execution schedule for this reporter manager [default: <INCA_DIST>/var/schedule.xml]


Force the patterns to be matched against suite names.


A path to either a directory or file of trusted certificates [default: none]


The name of the account that the Inca deployment is running under [default: inca]


Shava Smallen <ssmallen@sdsc.edu>